Lower Shore Parkinson's Support Group


Diet and Nutrition

The choices you make about food - what you eat, how much and when - impact your health and comfort.

Emotional Well-Being

Emotional strength is vital to physical health. Learn ways to successfully navigate the many feelings associated with a Parkinson's disease diagnosis.

Daily Living Activities

There are many ways to maintain a good quality of life when living with Parkinson's. These tips about getting dressed, driving, and traveling and more can help.

Dental Health

Dental care can change with PD, but there are many strategies that can help avoid and treat dental issues.

Sexual Health

Men and women with PD often face challenges with sexual dysfunction, but there are various therapies and treatments that can help you and your loved one work through them.

Advice for the Newly Diagnosed

If you've been recently diagnosed with PD, read this advice written by people who have lived well with PD for several years.

Living Alone

These tips can help people with PD who do not have a primary caregiver forge a path forward.

Talking to Children

Children can understand what PD is with simple answers to basic questions, and become a part of a network of support. Information about all of these topics and more are available in our PD library.

About Parkinson's Disease

This site describes what and how common Parkinson's disease is, its symptoms, who it affects, how it is diagnosed, and its treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Parkinson's Disease

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Parkinson's Foundation Frequently Asked Questions

This is a guide to the most frequently asked questions about Parkinson's disease.

Rush: Parkinson's Disease FAQ

This site provides information from the Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, and focuses on the question fo a potential cure, earlier identification and improvement of symptoms, progression, and associated problems.

Exercise and Parkinson's: Frequently Asked Questions

This site provides a description of the benefits of exercise for Parkinson's patients.

Parkinsonism: Causes and coping strategies

This site provides a description of Parkinsonism, its possible causes, management, and other lifestyle changes that might help in coping.

Theories about what causes Parkinson's

This site discusses theories about what causes Parkinson's disease such as genetic and environmental factors.